Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G Best Review

Motorola likes to update its devices quickly so that it can capitalize on market trends. They are dedicated to releasing quality products that are in demand. One example of this is G Pen, with LG no longer in production and the Galaxy Note family’s status unknown. G Pen now has a bigger opportunity to target pen users.

Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G Review

The Moto G Stylus 5G is the newest member of the G series, and it has a $399 price tag. It’s Motorola’s first smartphone with a built-in stylus, which appeals to people who love precision.

The Stylus 5G is mostly a good stylus, but it falls short in a few areas and should have been better overall. If that pen is a deal-breaker, this is your de facto choice. For everyone else, there are probably better values out there, whether from competitors or from Motorola itself.

Design & Display

The Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G features an ultra-powerful camera and the ‘M’ logo on its back. It is designed to be as close as possible to any of the latest Moto phones. With a square camera lens and a fingerprint reader that has been recently updated. It’s sleek, lightweight, and quite easy to hold with one hand. With its 20:9 aspect ratio and IPS LCD, it makes up for the lack of premium materials like metal or glass..3

The left and top side of the device is bare, and there’s space for the user to place their SIM tray and microphone. The right side of the speaker features a volume rocker and power button. This is a stylus that’s ideal for touch-based input. It has a power button on the side that’s easy to identify because it has a textured surface.

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The phone’s exterior is very shiny. Dropping it would be a disaster, because of the sleek material on the exterior and the sleek material on the inside. You wouldn’t have any problems holding it up to your ear for calls and other important tasks.

The LCD on this tablet is quite expansive at 6.8 inches, although the resolution is just average for 2021. There’s no buttery-smooth magic here so it’s not ideal for anyone who doesn’t have CGI experience in their field But still, the screen has decent saturation and contrast for an LCD, though the brightness is not too crucial, as it does a good job in daylight or indoors. It adds visibility without making a lot of noise or consuming too much power in children’s time zones.

The smartphone’s screen is 5G, but its display is less advanced than smaller panels found on other handsets. It’s great for getting work done manually and safely.


Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G Review

Motorola has created a stylus that is more comfortable, and easier to hold and use, with one button on the top. Instead of being symmetrical, it’s now round in all directions – so it can be inserted in any direction.

Motorola recently launched its Moto Notes app to the public. Featuring a new ruler tool that helps you doodle more accurately. The overall experience is simpler, too. The use of AI drawing templates in art is now feasible and much faster. Now you don’t have to struggle, save time and be more productive.

The Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G is budget-friendly and has a no-frills design. Photographers, artists, and people who enjoy drawing/painting/writing with a stylus will love this pen. AI technology has advanced a lot in recent years, giving them more opportunities to use the stylus to arrange their Instagram stories. Play casual games like PangYaPu on their smartphone or edit photos anytime they want.


Motorola’s line of smartphones includes many at the same price point and each carries the same camera setup. This makes it easy for you to choose in case you need a new phone but don’t want to make big investments. Because you can still find devices that may have a camera performance issue, it’s harder to say which device is better for you now. Smartphone makers are continuing to raise the bar on themselves, making it more difficult to recommend one device over another. You might not be entirely convinced of the design of the Stylus 5G. It doesn’t live up to the level of quality you would expect from a flagship device. The camera quality can sometimes appear too saturated, but the pictures take into account different lighting settings to make snapshots and videos look their best.

The stylus is loaded with features that help you effortlessly capture photos of your favorite moments in life. The main camera has 48 MP and an amazing 12 MP pixel binning sensor for perfect shots. There are also tons of color settings that will help you make your world more vibrant. The overall quality of this photo is great!

Moto’s Night Vision kicks in automatically at night. There may not be a whole lot of detail because it isn’t optimized to the same level as during daylight hours.

You can now zoom in up to 8x digitally with a high-resolution lens, which is perfect if you are capturing images on the go. The quality of photos remains high as there is no sudden degradation of detail.

Connectivity & Sound

Thanks to the system-on-chips built-in X51 modem, the Stylus 5G is equipped with access to next-generation mobile networks. This is probably the single biggest change from the previous G Stylus model, and while it may seem pretty passive as far as features go, futureproofing is always nice to have. 5G has grown tremendously in the past year, and it’s making ground toward ubiquity.

While this is a good step forward, Motorola remains stubbornly stuck in the Dark Ages of pre-NFC times. That’s right, no contactless payments to be found here, which will be an especially sore point for the remainder of this cursed pandemic. Every phone comes with drawbacks, but this is one to weigh carefully before diving in.

The speaker setup isn’t bad, for the price, but you won’t be transported to aural nirvana by any stretch of the imagination. The single bottom-firing speaker gets quite loud (up to 86dB, according to Motorola), but highs and mids tend to be mushy and the bass lacks oomph. In contrast, calls remain pretty clear and largely without issue.

Performance & Interface

This phone’s processor is the Snapdragon 480. A new generation of entry-level processors allows this phone to provide a lot of capabilities for smartphone users. The answer to the question is not just another case of a company playing it safe. Rather, it’s about being able to produce a product at a price point that will work in versatile and diverse markets.

After spending some time with the Stylus 5G, I’m inclined to say yes. The phone sails through everyday usage without breaking a sweat, and most games run fine without noticeable stuttering as well. While its processor may not be the speediest, the software is lightweight and has a respectable 6GB of RAM, letting you quickly respond to the demands of your job and saving so much time.

Overall, the performance is surprisingly powerful, keeping up with higher-grade phones like the Pixel 5. It scores similarly with other devices in benchmarks as well for most people, the difference in day-to-day performance isn’t noticeable. However, some find that it has a key impact on their workflow and how they work.

On the software side of things. Moto’s UI sticks to the familiar recipe of clean Android with a few choice additions. Moto Actions is present, of course, offering quick reach for everyday features like accessing the camera or taking a screenshot. My UX is also baked in so you can dial in on your preferred aesthetic.

Motorola is promising one OS update and two years of security patches. Which translates to Android 12 by early next year and security updates until 2023. This is neither abysmal nor stellar, but two OS upgrades would have been nice. One of the downfalls of having so many successive releases, perhaps.


Motorola says better battery life is the single biggest wish list item for its user base. According to the brand’s market research, it’s clear that longevity has been made a priority. The battery’s been beefed up to an excellent 5,000mAh, matching the G Power. And paired with the power-efficient SD480 processor, the Stylus 5G has enough juice for days of use. Most users should expect two days without a problem, and lighter users may even find it lasts longer depending on usage patterns.

Of course, a larger battery necessitates longer charging times, and the Stylus 5G’s 10W charger takes a good two hours to fully top up. Not terrible, but it is less than great compared to the hyperspeed charging offered by others. Wireless charging is missing, too.


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